Do not scrap it! Take it apart and sell!

What would YOU rather do?

5 cents per pound
Or Reuse? -->>

Up to $4 per pound

There is a much better alternative to scrapping industrial machines and getting a couple of cents per pound of weight. Taken apart, most machines are a TREASURE TROVE of value: machine parts can make you money, help American businesses use their machinery longer, and save the greenhouse gases that are produced to melt/rework/etc the machines! You give their components a second life and save 3-4 lbs of greenhouse gases per pound of reused components.

I, George R, was an industrial demolition professional, until I saw the light and saw that the money is inside the machines I was taking down. My income is now well into six figures, doing the things I like. I am now opening a moderated newsgroup/website where salvagers like me can post their items (up to four pictures) for sale or just to display. It is open to professionals and amateurs.

Rules are, first no spamming, second no spamming, and third, no spamming. All posts are reviewed by moderators. Please state your REAL NAME, your location, and category. Submit your posts to, include images as attatchments.

Privacy policy: we do not sell your email addresses, we give you a local email address from your last and first name, we do not collect information on visitors besides web-cookies and web-beacons.